BiteGuard “MAX” Roll On 80ml Insect Repellent



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BiteGuard “MAX” Roll On 80ml Insect Repellent

Bite Guard is a highly effective long-acting, insect repellant. It is designed to be used 4 hourly to keep Mosquitos, Sandflies and other biting insects away. Use 3 x per day to keep biting insects away.

Powerful COMBINATION Insect Repellent for NZ’s Insects. Formulated by NZ Pharmacists to create the world’s leading Insect Repellents. Ideal for NZ Conditions (Sand-flies and Mosquitoes) and for travellers… Africa/Asia have Malaria/Yellow Fever/ Ross River Fever/ Elephantiasis/ Leishmaniosis


Brand Story:

UV Guard started supplying the New Zealand Military with Sunscreens, Camouflage paints, also the mosquito net chemical packs since 1980s. Today, it manufactures the worlds best repellent against sandflies, blackflies and mosquitos worldwide.


BiteGuard Roll on 80ml 驅蟲劑

Bite Guard 是一種高效的長效驅蟲劑。它設計為每 4 小時使用一次,以防止蚊子、沙蠅和其他叮咬昆蟲。每天使用 3 次以防止叮咬昆蟲。

品牌故事: 自 1980 年代以來,UV Guard 開始為新西蘭軍隊提供防曬霜、迷彩塗料以及蚊帳化學包。今天,它生產世界上最好的驅蟲劑,可以驅除全世界的白蛉、黑蠅和蚊子。


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