UV Guard 200ml SPF50+ Kids Lotion Sunscreen



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UV Guard 200ml SPF50+ Kids Lotion Sunscreen.

UV Guard is a special highly effective combination kids formula of three absorbent sunscreens and one reflected in a long-acting, water-resistant base. Independently tested to SPF 80.8 by Dermatest Pty Ltd. It is a low allergy, broad-spectrum kids sunscreen made in New Zealand for New Zealand’s harsh sun and reduced ozone layer.

Broad Spectrum COMBINATION Sunscreens. Silicone-based for water/sweat resistance and longer activity proven SPF at Dermatest Pty Ltd, Sydney. Made in NZ… for NZ’s harsh sun.

For moderate to severe burns please see your doctor immediately.

Brand Story:

UV Guard started supplying the New Zealand Military with Sunscreens, Camouflage paints, also the mosquito net chemical packs since 1980s. Today, it manufactures the worlds best repellent against sandflies, blackflies and mosquitos worldwide.


全新 UV Guard 200 毫升 SPF50+ 兒童乳液防曬霜。

UV Guard 是一種特殊的高效組合兒童配方,由三種吸收性防曬霜和一種反映在長效防水基底中。經 Dermatest Pty Ltd 獨立測試 SPF 80.8。它是一種低過敏、廣譜儿童防曬霜,產於新西蘭,適用於新西蘭嚴酷的陽光和減少的臭氧層。

廣譜組合防曬霜。基於矽樹脂的防水/防汗和更長活性的 SPF 在悉尼 Dermatest Pty Ltd 得到驗證。
品牌故事: 自 1980 年代以來,UV Guard 開始為新西蘭軍隊提供防曬霜、迷彩塗料以及蚊帳化學包。今天,它生產世界上最好的驅蟲劑,可以驅除全世界的白蛉、黑蠅和蚊子。


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