UV Guard Sunscreen / AfterBurn relief cream 100g Lotion



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After Burn sunburn relief Cream provides relief from minor burns such as sunburn and assists in the healing process of minor burns.

After Burn contains aloe vera and soy to help soothe sunburned skin. It contains a number of active compounds that reduce pain and relief the pain due to sunburn.

For moderate to severe burns please see your doctor immediately.

Brand Story:

UV Guard started supplying the New Zealand Military with Sunscreens, Camouflage paints, also the mosquito net chemical packs since 1980s. Today, it manufactures the worlds best repellent against sandflies, blackflies and mosquitos worldwide.


燒傷/曬傷緩解霜可緩解曬傷等輕微燒傷,並有助於輕微燒傷的癒合過程。After Burn 含有蘆薈和大豆,有助於舒緩曬傷的皮膚。它包含許多活性化合物,可減輕疼痛并減輕因曬傷引起的疼痛。對於中度至重度燒傷,請立即就醫。 

品牌故事: 自 1980 年代以來,UV Guard 開始為新西蘭軍隊提供防曬霜、迷彩塗料以及蚊帳化學包。今天,它生產世界上最好的驅蟲劑,可以驅除全世界的白蛉、黑蠅和蚊子。


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